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Name: Tails
Alternate Name: Tails 1996
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Michael Gallagher
Genres: Adventure , Anthropomorphic
Views: 1,475
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The two-tailed, high-flying wonder, Sonic's numero uno buddy Tails, gets his own three issue mini-series! You'll witness Tails striking out on his own in his Sea Fox submarine as he faces vicious robotic winged dingoes and the return of Octobot! You'll also thrill to the introduction of the Forty Fathom Freedom Fighters including Ray, Big Fluke, and P.B. Jellyfish! Tails will need all the help he can get as they all must battle the supremely terrifying Crocbot! Tails' solo adventures begin in Sonic Archives Vol. 7 with "Growing Pains" and continue in Sonic Archives Vol. 8. From there, it's straight into this number one!<br/>Southerm Crossover!: Tails third solo task as he works to foil robotnik plans all by himself until octobot ambush. He was rescued by the Forty Fathoms Freedom Fighters.

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