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Stuck Rubber Baby Comic

Name: Stuck Rubber Baby
Alternate Name: Stuck Rubber Baby 1996
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Howard Cruse
Genres: DC Comics , Graphic Novels
Views: 1,123
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The groundbreaking, award-winning semi-autobiographical graphic novel returns in a new edition featuring an introduction by Alison Bechdel, award winning author of Fun Home. In the 1960s American South, a young gas-station attendant named Toland Polk is rejected from the Army draft for admitting homosexual tendencies, and falls in with a close-knit group of young locals yearning to break from the conformity of their hometown through civil rights activism, folk music and upstart communality of race-mixing, gay-friendly nightclubs. Tolands story is both deeply personal and epic in scope, as his search for identity plays out against the brutal fight over segregation, an unplanned pregnancy and small-town bigotry, aided by an unforgettable supporting cast.

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