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Starlord (1996) Comic

Name: Starlord (1996)
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Timothy Zahn
Genres: Marvel , Action , Adventure , Superhero
Views: 1,322
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The greatest hero in the universe makes his momentous return in a stunning painted limited series written by best-selling SF novelist Timothy Zahn and illustrated by top comics artist Dan Lawlis!<br/>It has been twelve years since the last sighting of Peter Quill - a man from the planet Earth chosen to become Starlord, the sentinel of liberty and justice among the stars! Now, with a new interstellar threat on the horizon, the need for Starlord arises once again! But Peter Quill is nowhere to be found!<br/>Enter Sinjin Quarrel, a young law enforcement official with telepathic abilities! Stumbling upon Starlord's long-abandoned, sentient starship and caught up in circumstances beyond his control, young Sinjin is forced to carry on in the legendary space hero's name! Sinjin and the ship quickly form an alliance and friendship that will carry them through one of the most thrilling, far-reaching space adventures ever!

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