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Scarlet Witch (2024) Comic

Name: Scarlet Witch (2024)
Alternate Name: Scarlet Witch 2024
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Ongoing
Author: Steve Orlando
Genres: Marvel , Action , Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Mystery , Sci-Fi , Superhero
Views: 251
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STEVE ORLANDO'S SCARLET WITCH RUN REIGNITES! The Scarlet Witch has carved out a haven for herself in upstate New York, but it's all about to go up in flames. Wanda's newfound peace has drawn the wrath of a primal force unlike anything she's ever faced before, and it won't stop until it razes Wanda's world to the ground. It's a clash of titans as Wanda and her allies fight for all she holds dear! What happens when an unstoppable force meets the end of all things? When pure chaos meets pure destruction? Wanda's about to find out — if she survives long enough. Jacopo Camagni (X-MEN: RED, Nomen Omen) joins writer Steve Orlando for an explosive new chapter of Scarlet Witch's story!

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