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Pine & Merrimac Comic

Name: Pine & Merrimac
Alternate Name: Pine & Merrimac (2024)
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Ongoing
Author: Kyle Starks
Genres: Crime
Views: 473
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On the corner of Pine and Merrimac sits a small, unassuming town… Just a simple place, simple people, and one horrifying secret that could change everything… After a lifetime of witnessing the worst that humanity has to offer, former homicide detective Linnea Kent has decided to put all of that behind her. Alongside her husband, a former professional MMA fighter and the unofficial brawn to her brains, she’s moved far from the busy city to open up a quiet little detective agency. At first, the simple cases this nook of the world has to offer were exactly what she was looking for, but there’s more to the quaint hamlet than Linnea could have possibly imagined, and something truly sinister pulling the strings…

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