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Name: Night People
Alternate Name: Night People (2024)
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Ongoing
Author: Barry Gifford, Chris Condon
Genres: Horror
Views: 749
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From literary icon Barry Gifford—internationally renowned creator of Wild At Heart and cowriter of David Lynch's neo-noir masterpiece Lost Highway—Night People is a pulsating roadmap of the American subconscious, where neon-lit Southern nights give way to lipstick, sweat, and blood, and the odd, innocent, and evil are all fellow travelers down an interstate of dark, elusive dreams. Adapted from Gifford's acclaimed novel by breakout writer Chris Condon (That Texas Blood, The Enfield Gang Massacre) and a rotating cast of stunning artistic talents, follow an uneasy company of wanted criminals, cartel killers, and lost souls through four interlocking tales as they travel a path of intoxication, lust, and spontaneous violence from New Orleans to Egypt City, Florida, and back again. In our first tale of desperation, fanaticism, and murder, drawn by Brian Level (Poison Ivy), two ex-convicts—a pair of inseparable lovers named Big Betty Stalcup and Miss Cutie Early—are out on parole using their newfound freedom to purify the world of men's evil influence.

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