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Kingdom Come (1996) Comic


Name: Kingdom Come (1996)
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Mark Waid
Genres: DC Comics , Action , Adventure , Superhero
Views: 28,660
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Kingdom Come was part of DC Comics, Elsewords imprint, taking place approximately 20 years in the future. Painter Alex Ross had been looking for a new project. Already lending his realistic depiction of super heroes to an unsuspecting public in Marvel Comics' Marvels series, Ross was ready to bring his stylish brush over to the DC Universe and an eager readership awaited him. Alongside writer Mark Waid, Ross developed a complex future story for DC's icons in the 4 issue prestige format Kingdom Come. Under the limitless possibilities of the Elseworlds label, Ross and Waid crafted a tale of biblical proportions. Ross fleshed out a reality in which a reader could become fully immersed, creating new costumes for nearly every character, while attempting to stay true to each character's roots and personality. He also added dozens of characters of his own creation, including some designs from his childhood. It was a world as real and as fantastic as Ross' paintings themselves. In the DC Universe of the near future, Superman had retired from the life of fighting crime after the death of Lois Lane, and a new generation of super powered beings had risen to prominence. Without the guidance of their elders, the younger characters spent their days in a series of violent skirmishes rather than protecting the innocent. This was Ross and Waid's commentary on the modern state of violent anti-heroes prevalent in comics at the time, and the chaos of this dystopian future spoke to the readers. Superman was coaxed back into action by Wonder Woman in order to rein in the new generation of heroes. Restored to his rightful role as the inspiration to millions, Superman and his fellow allies of the Justice League attempted to right the wrongs of the youth, until Superman's new battle escalated with the involvement of Lex Luthor and his mind - controlled puppet, the powerful Captain Marvel. In a final dramatic conflict, heroes battled anti-heroes even as a nuclear bomb killed the majority of the players on each side. Superman survived, however, and with the help of Wonder Woman and Batman, began to carve out a better, more peaceful world for the survivors to call home.

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