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Judgment Day Omnibus Comic


Name: Judgment Day Omnibus
Alternate Name: Judgment Day Omnibus 2024
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Completed
Author: Alyssa Wong, David Pepose, Kieron Gillen
Genres: Marvel , Action , Adventure , Superhero
Views: 1,002
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The complete A.X.E. epic in one Celestial-sized package! The battle for the planet is here. The X-Men claim they’re Earth’s new gods. The Eternals know that position is already filled. And the Avengers are about to realize exactly how many secrets their so-called friends have been keeping from them! Years of tension lead to a volcanic eruption — and Earth will face a Celestial judgment day! As Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and many more are weighed in the cosmic balance, who will pass, who will fail…and what will the final tally mean for the world? The clock is ticking. Midnight looms. But it’s not too late…

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