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Name: Heartbreakers
Alternate Name: Heartbreakers 1996
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Anina Bennett, Paul Vincent Guinan
Genres: Action , Adventure , Dark Horse , Superhero
Views: 1,764
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Therese Sorenson is dead. Before that, she was what you might call "too smart for her own good" smart enough to create a genetic retrovirus that can rewrite living DNA, and smart enough to know that in the wrong hands, her retrovirus could be used as a deadly weapon. In this case, those "wrong hands" belong to Therese's ex-employer, the Biovoc corporation. Rather than let Biovoc get a grip on the retrovirus, Therese and her cloned assistants took their own lives by blowing up their lab. But even that might not have done the trick, since Therese left behind an errant android containing a prototype of the retrovirus. Now it's up to her only surviving clones Queenie of the Heartbreakers and former lab assistant Vector -- to carry on their dead boss' kamikaze mission by keeping the retrovirus away from Biovoc. Welcome to the near-future adventures of the Heartbreakers, at long last starring in their own miniseries after making nine appearances in DHP over the last seven years!

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