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Name: Hate Revisited
Alternate Name: Hate Revisited (2024)
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Ongoing
Author: Peter Bagge
Genres: Comedy
Views: 40
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Peter Bagge returns to the series that defined a generation with this all-new, four-issue monthly miniseries! Buddy and Lisa, now middle aged with a free spirited young adult of their own, confront their own poor decisions as young people in the grungy 1990s. Expertly shifting between the present day (in full color) and their Gen X heyday (in glorious, crosshatched B&W), we learn for the first time the story of how Buddy met Lisa, Stinky, George, and Val. Meanwhile, Buddy is forced to come to terms with the tragic -- and covered-up -- circumstances of Stinky's untimely death (way back in Hate #27). Hate Revisited expertly showcases Bagge's inimitable humor and knack for character, and the generational shift lends an unexpected gravitas to their lives. This is the must-have comic of the summer!

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