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Name: Green Goblin
Alternate Name: Green Goblin 1996
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Tom DeFalco
Genres: Marvel , Action , Adventure , Superhero
Views: 5,341
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Philip Urich is working as an intern at the Daily Bugle. His uncle, Ben Urich, is an investigative reporter there. Uncle Ben is working on a new book - "Dynasty of Evil", the story of the Osborn Family and the Green Goblin. While investigating an old Osborn warehouse, Philip stumbles onto a Green Goblin lair, falls into some green goop, and then has to don the costume to rescue his uncle.<br/>Seems the combination of the green goop and the electric circuitry in the Goblin's mask turns the dead-end Generation X-er into the manaical butt-kicking super-powered Green dude on the Bat Glider. Philip is a nice enough guy who got stuck in his older brother's shadow, fell in with some bad friends, and is misunderstood by his parents. Single and shy by day but a hero-by-night. He comes across as a cross between a young Peter Parker, and Jim Carrey in "The Mask".

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