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Name: Fax from Sarajevo
Alternate Name: Fax from Sarajevo 1996
Year of Release: 1996
Status: Completed
Author: Joe Kubert
Genres: Dark Horse , Drama , War
Views: 1,954
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In 1945, we told the world, "Never again." In 1992, the promise was broken into bloody shards. That was the year the war broke out in Sarajevo, Bosnia, the year that genocide revisited the planet. It was the year that Ervin Rustemagic an international businessman whose clients included author Joe Kubert found himself and his family trapped in a city under siege. Ervin's only means of communication to the outside world was via his fax machine. As Joe began to receive these messages from Ervin, he did what he had done for years he put the story to paper.

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