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Name: FatCop
Alternate Name: FatCop 2024
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Completed
Author: Johnny Ryan
Genres: Comedy
Views: 304
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Upholding crime and corruption, one fast food joint at a time.FATCOP never passes up a possible grift, a chance to use excessive force, or a pit stop at any chain restaurant he passes. He chafes when forced to take a new partner, Pete Rick, to keep him on the up and up. Even when he lucks into a heroic deed, he manages to do so repulsively. But when FATCOP uncovers a child slave ring operating out of the local Trader Joe''s, he may have met his match on the reprehensibility scale. If he''s not careful, it might be a transformative experience that causes him to reconsider his role as a loving partner and father. Well, up to a point, anyway — sometimes a fat cop is just a FATCOP. Johnny Ryan returns to his lowbrow humor roots following his cult classic and violent fantasy series, Prison Pit. Ping-ponging his antihero through an ever-escalating and cascading series of violent, scatological, and wildly imaginative absurdities (most but not all of FATCOP''s own making), Ryan''s brilliance as a visual and verbal gag writer shines on every page of this master class in physical humor and comics storytelling. FATCOP is as hilarious as it is profane, and a welcome return to long-form comics by the cartoonist and animation veteran Johnny Ryan.

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