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Name: Fantasima
Alternate Name: Fantasima 2024
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Completed
Author: Craig Weeden
Genres: Fantasy
Views: 305
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Bernado Burgos has been emotionally dead since his childhood when his parents and sister disappeared in a boating accident off the Chilean coast 20 years ago. All presumed dead, however when he spots his sister in a photo of a long-lost tribe at the Guggenheim museum. Bernado contacts the beautiful photographer and his oldest friend, and the search begins to find what remains of his family.A witch's curse, giant snakes, ghost warriors and an army of corporate loggers stand in his way. As he dives deep into the rainforest to track the lost tribe and his long-lost sister, who is now known to those that live deep in the forest as the mystical warrior FANTASIMA.Along the way, Bernado makes a devastating discovery: he himself owns the company whose loggers are illegally clearcutting the beautiful rainforest. When the mercenary loggers ignore his order to stop, a horrific battle ensues. It's an all-out assault as arrows, spears and ghost warriors do their best to battle against guns, grenades, and modern machinery. It's then that Bernado realizes he's not only fighting to save his sister and her tribe's way of life… but his family's honor as well.

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