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Name: Attaboy
Alternate Name: Attaboy 2024
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Completed
Author: Tony McMillen
Genres: Action , Adventure
Views: 85
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"There's a video game from when I was a kid that no one else seems to remember." Attaboy is a 74 page oversized treasury edition (12.75 inches tall 8.25 inches wide!) behemoth of comic disguised as an illustrated instructional booklet for a video game that may or may not have ever existed. Attaboy is also the deceptively simple story of a boy robot avenging the destruction of his father and creator, Dr. Atta, by the sinister rebellious mechazoid Motherboard. And finally, Attaboy is also the story of a video game the author and artist Tony McMillen remembers vividly from his childhood that no one else seems to know about. And how this inconsistency led to an obsession that threatened his grip on reality.

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