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Ape-ril Special Comic

Name: Ape-ril Special
Alternate Name: DC's Ape-ril Special
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Completed
Author: Gene Luen Yang, John Layman, Joshua Hale Fialkov
Genres: DC Comics , Action , Adventure , Comedy , Superhero
Views: 179
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GET READY TO GO BANANAS IN THIS APE-IC ADVENTURE! CAUTION: An ape-surd amount of bad ape puns are incoming. Please be ape-vised. Gorilla Grodd's recent incarcer-ape-tion in the pages of The Flash has left a void that Monsieur Mallah is more than happy to fill. Ape-sembling a group of the DCU's most sinister simians, Mallah forms the Legion of D(oo-oo-ah-ah)m, with an eye toward world domin-ape-tion. But the world won't be conquered that easily! Enter the all-ape JUNGLE L(ee-ee)gue. Can this team of hero-eek anthropoids be the salv-ape-tion we need, or will Mallah's team of maniacal monkeys bring forth the ape-pocalypse? Get ready to go bananas as we honor DC's storied history with mankind's closest relatives in this ape-ic adventure! It's gonna be orangu-tastic, so heat up a capuchin-o, prepare a batch of chocolate chimp cookies, and get ready to r(ee-ee)d the one comic b(oo-oo)k this year that's guaranteed to make you go…APE!

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