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Name: The Blood Brothers Mother
Alternate Name: Blood Brothers Mother
Year of Release: 2024
Status: Ongoing
Author: Brian Azzarello
Genres: Action , Historical
Views: 300
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NEW SERIES DEBUT by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso—the legendary creative team behind the seminal crime series 100 BULLETS! In the old American West, three children set off across the wild Texas frontier to rescue their mother—kidnapped by ruthless outlaws who gunned down their preacher father. Throughout their journey, they'll face the harsh elements of an unforgiving landscape, deadly animals hungry for blood, merciless bounty hunters and so much more...all in a relentless quest to rescue their family. Along the way, they'll learn the terrible cost of revenge‚Äînot just in lives, but in how it stains a soul. While revenge may be satisfying in the moment, it leaves a yearning behind that lasts a lifetime. And once you taste it, nothing else is ever so sweet. In the tradition of The Searchers, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Blood Meridian comes a brutal new western series from writer BRIAN AZZARELLO and artist EDUARDO RISSO—the Eisner award-winning team behind the Vertigo crime classic 100 BULLETS and Image Comics MOONSHINE! For fans of 1883, BLOOD MERIDIAN, & THE GOOD, & THE BAD AND THE UGLY

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